Not Enough Time in a Day

Have you ever wished you have extra time in a day to finish your chores? Well this week I do! We are having a party in our house for my in-law's 50th wedding anniversary on Saturday. There are a lot of stuff that needs to be done and the most time consuming is making Lumpia Shanghai (Philippine Egg Rolls). I already mixed the ingredients, it just needed to be rolled up in the egg roll wrapper. I've done most of the gardening and dh already put in some mulch around the plants. I still have to plant some perennials that I bought from a house in the other street for cheap. Then I have to finalize the slideshow project I am doing for the anniversary party. Good thing that we are having the party catered. All I need to cook is the Lumpia and as if I still don't have enough things to do, I told dh that I plan to make Italian sausages with peppers. I was hoping dh will be able to help me during his days off but he made plans to play golf tomorrow. Well at least he cleaned the house siding and the screens. This is certainly one of those times that I wish I have househelp.

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  1. Oh same here! Hubby took time off yesterday to help me clean up the bottom of the deck. I wish I also have a help to keep an eye of my tot while I do the rest!
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