Telemarketers, No One is Home!

We registered our phone numbers at the DoNotCall Registry set up by the government. So for a couple of years, we did not get any calls from telemarketers until last year. We started receiving phone calls from a number in Orlando, Florida. At first I thought it was someone we knew but upon answering the call, I learned it was a telemarketer for a credit card or loan company. I was surprised to receive this call since I know we were in the "No Call List". The same company kept on calling every week. I did a search on Google and found that the DoNotCall Registry expires every five years and you need to re-register. (This was changed by the government and after February 2008, the list does not expire). I did not know that and I bet a lot of people didn't either. I also found out that I can also register my cell phone number in a separate registry. Since telemarketer calls are annoying and a waste of time I am thinking of using a company that offers Privacy service, this will prevent the telemarketers from getting any of my information. One company that offer such service is www.whojustcalledhere.com, they also offer other services that individuals or businesses can use such as Reverse Cell Phone Lookup. These services are a must for businesses where time is important.

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