Travel Tip #4 - Kids and Airport Security

We traveled extensively when my daughter was little. Living in California back then, we always travel cross-country to visit my in-laws in Massachusetts. We also stayed in Oregon for a year for my dh's work at Intel and of course, there are the vacations in the Philippines.

Having children travel with you is stressful if you have not planned accordingly. One of the most stressful part in traveling for me is going through airport security. Carrying a stroller, diaper bag, jackets, plus taking off your shoes and your kids shoes will certainly drive up your stress level up the roof. Here are some tips from the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) on travelling with kids and going through security.

TIPS At the airport

- Please allow yourself and your family extra time to get through security - especially when traveling with younger children.
- Medications, baby formula and food, breast milk, and juice are allowed in reasonable quantities exceeding three ounces and are not required to be in the zip-top bag. Declare these items for inspection at the checkpoint.
- Speak to your children again about the screening process so that they will not be frightened or surprised. Remind them not to joke about threats such as bombs or explosives.
- Tell your children that their bags (backpack, dolls, etc.) will be put in the X-ray machine and will come out at the other end and be returned to them.
- Let your children know that a Security Officer may ask to see their shoes, but that they will get these back as well.

- Remove babies and children from their strollers or infant carriers so that our Security Officers can screen them individually.
- You may not pass the child to another person behind you or in front of you during this process.
- Do not pass your child to our Security Officer to hold.
- Our Security Officer may ask for your help screening your child.
- You may want to consider asking for a private screening if you are traveling with more than one child.

- Ask a Security Officer for help gathering your bags and child-related equipment, if you need it.

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