Uh, You Have to Sit in the Lavatory for the Rest of the Flight

Did you hear about the man who flew Jet Blue Airlines and had to spend time in the lavatory? This happened on a cross-country flight from the East coast to California. For the first hour of the flight, the flight attendant was seating on the jump seat (the seat where F.A. sit on take off and landing) since the flight was full. The man who was flying for free (he used a Buddy Pass), was asked to give up his seat for the F.A. since she isn’t comfortable in the jump seat. The man protested and the pilot came and told him that it is his plane and he can tell anyone what to do. So the man gave up his seat. He wasn’t allowed to use the jump seat because they said that the rules prohibit passengers from using it. The pilot told the man to sit in the lavatory. (!)

The man said that the flight was very bumpy and he was scared for his life while sitting on the toilet. After a long while, his seat was given back to him. Now, understandably, the man is suing Jet Blue for $2 Million. I would sue too, if that happened to me. I cannot, for the life of me, understand the pilot’s thinking. Why did he ask the passenger to give up his seat for the F.A. when there is no place for him to go? Jet Blue is not commenting on this lawsuit. This is definitely humiliating for the poor man. If all of these really took place, then I hope he wins this lawsuit.

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