Weeds, A Gardener's Nemesis

Gardening isn't my favorite thing to do. I only garden because I have to. Hiring a gardener is expensive and the only we have is the monthly visit of the TruGreen people who keeps our lawn lush and green. Yesterday, I spent a good hour or so pulling weeds in the end of our driveway. Thinking back, I should've made this a part of the lawn, then I don't have to do all these weeding. Well, hindsight is always 20/20 isn't it? We put some mulch in these area along with some flowering plants but there are still weeds. I think one has to re-mulch each year to keep the weeds away. If that's the case, then I need to blame dh since he's the procrastinator. I asked him countless times last year to order a truckload of mulch. Now I am not the one who nags constantly, I don't know if that's a positive in this case. My back is aching right now and I still have some more weeding to do.


  1. mareng barb, magpa deliver kayo ng mulch para mas madali maglagay ng mulch around. We are planning to do our yard as well. Wala lang akong time mag gardening sa yard dahil busy, but soon. I need to replanted my plan. We have going to have a little bigger yard this year cause we enjoyed our garden with all kind of vegies last year. masakit na naman ang back ko nito lol.

  2. Magpapadeliver nga si Tim bukas ng mulch mareng Lan para matakpan ang soil at hopefully di magka-weeds.

  3. mareng barb, ano ba yan comment ko di ko ma intindihan hahaha. gamit ko ang mac book hirapan ako magtype di ba kasi sanay. i am talking about bigger garden this year para maraming vegies.


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