Hello, We're in Switzerland

Hello friends, we are currently in Luzern, Switzerland. Tomorrow, we will be going up to the Swiss Alps and stay in an alpine village called Wengen. Weather permitting, we will be going up to the Jungfraojoch (Top of Europe) to see the three Alps (Jungrau, Eiger and Monch).

Venice is truly a very romantic city and very expensive! Switzerland is a completely different experience compared to Italy. Whereas Italy is full of history and art, Switzerland is more for nature sightseeing. It is beautiful!

I apologize for the short post, I don't have much time to expand on things. I'll do it when I get back.

Here are some photos from our recent journey.

Pisa, Italy

Venice, Italy

Luzern, Switzerland


  1. I love the photo of Amber pushing back the Tower of Pisa, she's so strong, LOL. The sceneries are breathtaking parang very calming and relaxing. Thanks for the updates. Don't mind the costs for now, don't spoil the thrill, he he he. You have a lot of time for that later ;-). Thanks for dropping by, yes we're in heaven coz Celtics won! We are truly the city of the champions!
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  2. hello te, ganda nman dyan sana ako mkapunta din dyan heheheh nice au ang place bah italy yan? yan ba ang view? parang ang lalaki ng building nla heheh wla yan d2 sa pinas heheheh ingats u lagi dyan te and your family bye..

  3. wow nice,wish i could visit that place too wish ko lang hehehe ENjoy the vacation wag isipin na mahal importante mag i enjoy hehehe.

  4. hello barb,

    thanks for sharing all the pics.

    basta kita na lang tayo dito sa saturday....hope maganda ang weather,sa?

    pati si bernie eager na rin to meet you all.

    akala nya kahapon tayo magkita....

    tawagin nalang kita sa hotel nyo pagnandito na kayo sa trier.

    see you soon....

    enjoy, presently nandiyan kayo sa strassbourg.

    sorry, wlang oras na to open sa pc, sakit mga binti ko sa tindog-stand-up, wholeday uy....

    sigi lang, enjoy naman ako....

    see you soon.....

    ikurit mo daw ako, from Mira n Amy....soot ako ng Steel Jacket....lol

    sigi, off na ako....mamalansa at vaccum for the wholeweek na ito.

    ingat kayo dyan......

    hugs n kiss

  5. hi barb! wow bakasyon grande ang pamilya!
    Nice photos. Neighbouring countries lang namin pero Switzerland lang yon napuntahan ko. You're lucky!
    Have fun and enjoy the rest of your vacation!

  6. Wow love the gondola ride!


  7. hello barb, tim,amber n tyler,

    Nice meeting you,
    Thank you very much for the time you shared to us this afternoon.

    Bernie and I says, nice meeting you all.....it´s our gratitude meeting a family like you.

    hope to meet you again,

    bernie n vk

  8. Barb, tatawag sana ako, kaya lang naisip ko, tired na kayo.

    Maraming salamat sa gift ha?
    thank you very much for your thoughtfullness.

    Kasya sa akin lahat, ang ganda sa blouse at ang handschuh, tama sa akin...ang ganda pa.
    timing i need a very elegant handschuh.

    Words is not enough to say, thank you.

    maraming salamat sa lahat.....

    na missed na kita.....hope we meet again, not here in blog-internet,,,,personally.

  9. Ur photos are remembering when I was in Pisa.
    I am sure you will enjoy here in swiss alps lalo na sa jungfraujoch offer breathtaking views :-) sana swerte kayo sa weather.
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  10. ganda ng mga pictures. Love Amber pics sa Tower of Pisa hehehe.

    have fun the rest of your vacation.

  11. Nice picture Babette ! Enjoy the lovely summer of Europe :D !


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