Home Sweet Home...

There's no place like home. How true! After being gone for a month, I really appreciate being back home. I miss everything in my house starting with our comfortable bed. I also miss my old washer and dryer. I think these were the things I missed the most. Staying in hotels that does not have laundry facilities and only offer laundry service, one has to find self-service laundrymat unless you want to spend a fortune paying for laundry.

After eating in restaurants for most of our trip, I miss cooking our own food. Did we gain a lot of weight while on vacation? The good news is that we didn't. Why? Because we walked a lot. There were two days where we walked a total of 16 miles (I had a pedometer with me). Those were in Rome, Italy and Berlin, Germany. The other days, our average was about 10 miles/day. If it weren't for the walking, we could've easily gained weight.

There were a lot of mails that accumulated in the Post Office while we were gone. The usual bills and some catalogs. There was also an ad from a computer store offering deals on system memory.

So, yes, I am back. I wish I can take a break from blogging a little longer but I miss getting that email from PayPal informing me that $ was deposited in my account. :)

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  1. hello barb,

    welcome home......

    there is no place like our bed....

    ako rin, kahit ano ka ganda or what, my bed is the best....

    regards to all


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