It's Finals Week But No Studying!

It's my daughter's finals week and she was out riding her bike yesterday afternoon. I don't remember having fun during finals when I was in grade school. What I do remember is hitting the books and having merienda right after coming home from school. The test itself was long. There were teachers who actually had 100 numbers for a single test. With my daughter, they only have at least 25 questions per test. Of course that meant each question carries more weight but I think it lessens the stress for the student.

The other day, I told her that we need to study for the finals. She answered that her teacher told the kids that you only study for quizzes but not for finals. She told me that they already did a review of all the subjects last week so she didn't need to study. I'm not really concerned with her grades, she's been a straight A student ever since she started school. I just hope she takes her time in doing those math problems and not be in a hurry like she usually does. :)

So it is now finals week and all I can say is, "Let's get it over with then we're off to Europe!"


  1. welcome europa........

    ok, lahat barb, i wait for your call....

    hope magkita tayo dito...


  2. Hi babette, Good luck for your trip to Europe. You can count on me to visit your blog, so don't worry girl. Have fun in your vacation! Bongga ka talaga, europe wow!

  3. Good you wont get stressed out yourself! Have a safe trip and have fun in Europe! Keep in touch, I will miss you ;-(
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  4. Hi Barb, enjoy your trip and take lots of photos.


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