It's finally HERE! I will be leaving for a month-long vacation tomorrow, Saturday. We will be flying into Rome,Italy and take the train across Europe. We will be visiting seven countries, total. From Rome, we will be going to Florence and Venice. Then we'll go to Switzerland and visit Luzern and Wengen and go to Jungfraojoch also known as 'Top of Europe'. After that, we'll head on to Strasbourg in France. We will not go to Paris since it's out of the way, we'll save that for another trip. Next is Trier in Germany from where we will also visit Luxembourg and Belgium. Then we'll go to The Netherlands to visit Amsterdam and The Hague. Tired yet? LOL After that we'll head off to Berlin and then the last stop is Munich.
Along the way, we will be meeting friends. Some for the first time, like Vicky and Prescy. The others, like Doris and Aleth, I've already met in the Philippines. I will also see my college barkada, Evelyn and my cousin, Edwin. I am already getting excited and am praying that we will have a safe trip all the way.
I will surely miss my friends here in MA and of course here in blogging. I hope you don't abandon my blog, mahirap maglinis ng cobwebs. LOL I will be posting updates and photos from our vacation so stay tuned!


  1. Hi mareng barb, happy safe trip the whole family. Enjoy your vacation and talk to you when you came back. I know your very busy. I tried to call you yesterday, but no luck to talk to you.. anyway have a wonderful time in europe.

  2. ingat po and enjoy.....pasalubong po wag kalimutan....hehehehe....

  3. Mareng Barb, enjoy your vacation to the fullest! Paki kurot nalang kay vicki & mareng pres para sa akin. wink*

    Have a safe trip here in Europe!

  4. BFF have a safe trip and enjoy your long vacation! I got exhausted just reading the places you will visit, LOL. Though exhausting, I'm sure it will be a lot of fun. I will be here checking your 'house' often. I already prayed for your safe trip ;-)
    Pakikurot na lang si Vicky para sa akin,lol.
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  5. happy trip po! wow, a month long vacation. enjoy!!!

  6. wow, i've always wanted to go to europe. looking forward for your pics in europe c:. kahit sa picture man lang makita ko siya (XD, 3rd person?) enjoy your vacation! c:

  7. vacation time,happy trip nalang enjoy your vacation,pa vaca vacation nalang u ay hehehe,we looking forward all the pics para sa ganun paman naka pag tour narin kami jan,god bless

  8. Hello Barb,have a nice and safe vacation!!!Bon voyage madame!!wow!! ang dami nyong bibisitahin.Enjoy!!!


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