Bay Area Sports Medicine

California is the perfect place to live in if you are an athlete. The weather is always ideal for sports and all outdoor activities. I used to live there many years ago and that is where I met my husband. I also played tennis back then. My cousin Kathy and I took tennis lessons and we always go to the tennis courts in the local high school. Like with any kind of sport, injuries are likely to happen. I had what they call a 'Tennis Elbow'. I remember it as being painful and even doing simple tasks as turning a door knob takes a lot of effort. Good thing that i had a good doctor and after a couple of visits, some medicine and theraphy, I was good to go. I'm lucky that I live in an area with some of the best doctors.

Bay Area sports medicine doctors are considered to be among the best. There is an organization called Peninsula Orthopedic Associates which are composed of Orthopedic Surgeons. They are all board-certified or board-eligible and have a lot of experience under their belt. You can check their website (http://www.poadocs.com/) where they have all the doctor's Curriculum Vitae. This website also has many information about surgeries like arthroscopic surgery and joint replacement surgery. It also has video animation of different surgeries so the patient will have an idea on what a particular surgery entails. Peninsula Orthopedic Associates serves the San Francisco Bay Area and they have their offices in Foster City and Daly City.

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