A Year Ago Today...

...I attended my High School's 25th Reunion. I travelled more or less 15,000 miles to the Philippines to see my former classmates. We have a Yahoo Group and we planned our special day a year in advance. When we started, there were just a handful of us. But by the time of our reunion, we were able to contact 80% of the class. We also sent an invitation with a plane ticket to our former principal who is now retired and living in Bacolod. There are about 20 of us living outside the Philippines who came back just for the reunion. Out of 270 girls, 150 attended and partied till midnight.

The event was catered and the food was awesome. We held the reunion at Tektite Towers in Ortigas, Pasig City. We had two live bands: the Blue Ketchup and another one whose name I cannot remember. That was really a great night. The next day, we went to visit our old school and had a snack of puto, balut penoy, puto laksa and Pancit Malabon. We had a t-shirt printed with our school uniform which we wore for the photo-op. This was not just a two-day event, mind you. It was a week-long full of activities since there were a lot of us who came back just for the reunion.

We all enjoyed it so much that even now, our Yahoo group is still alive and active. Our reunion was about getting in touch with old friends and strenghtening new ones we formed through our YG. It definitely was not about how much money one makes or what someone's job title is. That is the reason why I think our reunion was a huge success.

We are planning another one for next year. As usual, a lot of us are going back to attend. It wouldn't be as lavish as this one though, we're saving that for our 50th reunion.

Here are some photos from that memorable night and the days that followed.


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