A Hope For Cancer Patients

I know how Cancer can affect a person and their family. My father-in-law has had three bouts of Cancer and those are hard and trying times for everyone. Family support as well as those of close friends are important. In this internet age, most Cancer victims even get support from online forums. One of these is the resveratrol forum. This forum got its' name from a compound found largely in the skins of red grapes. Some research on animals found that Resveratrol can help to cure Cancer. For the first time, testing will be done on humans and one of the first patients is a member of the forum. This person has been told that he has only four-months to live. He has been given a large amount of Resveratrol for him to try. I really hope that this trial will work. If it does, then a lot of Cancer patients will have something to look forward to.

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