Be Careful When Texting

Emergency Doctors are seeing a rise in injuries acquired while texting. No, it's not your usual thumb injury but more serious injuries. People who text while walking, skating, riding a bike or even driving risks serious injuries. The ER are full of texters with injuries ranging from scrapes, cuts and sprains which they received when they walked into lampposts or walls or tripped over curbs. There was a teen who fell off her horse while texting and she suffered head and back injuries. Another girl meanwhile suffered burns when she was texting her boyfriend while cooking some noodles. There were also two recorded deaths: both were texting when they stepped off the curb and crossed the street while texting. Peope nowadays are so used to multi-tasking that they even do it at inoportune times.
I find it hard to text and concentrate on driving at the same time that I don't do it. How about you? Do you text and do other things at the same time?

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