Our Move Cross Country

Eight years ago, we moved from the San Francisco Bay Area to the East Coast. It was a tough decision for me considering all of my relatives are in California. But my first priority is my family and it is a good career move for dh. It also meant that I had to sacrifice my career and be a SAHM. The hardest part of our move for me is the packing of our things. We had to pack the small knick-knacks and personal stuff that is valuable. Dh's new company paid for the movers and they brought two moving trucks and packed the big items like the furnitures and the like. Our two automobiles were loaded up in a car carrier for it's own cross-country trip which took a little under two weeks to reach the East coast. The three of us meanwhile took the plane for the five hour flight. So, was the move worth it? Yes it is. Of course, I miss the 'almost-perfect' California weather, my friends, co-workers and family. Oh, don't forget the Ethnic restaurants in every corner! We haven't been back for 6 years and I'm sure a lot has changed. I'm sure someday we will go visit and see everyone and everything. For the meantime, I'll just sit back and reminisce about the good ole times.


  1. Exactly how I felt when we moved to Florida. Greg's company pay our relocation including 2 cars but we decided to just pack 2 luggages so it wasnt really a pain for me. We maintained our house in Maine. The hard part now is maintaining 2 houses at the same time, the money could go to our travel fund instead. But we both love New England specially during winter, we both love to ski so I think it is worth keeping both places.

  2. The things we need to sacrifice for family is really tremendously unthinkable. I've been uprooted myself, thousand miles away from my family, and it was tough at first. From corporate to domestic diva, that's how I became ;-)
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