Can You Hear Me Now?

We have been having problems with our phone line lately. Once in a while, the conversation will just be cut-off and then resume again. I thought that it must be the cordless phone and it just needs to be re-charged. But the problem also happens when I used the corded phone. My husband finally isolated the problem to the phone jack in the computer room. He replaced the defective jack with a Cat5e Keystone jack. It has been working fine after he changed it, I'm just glad that it didn't turn out to be an expensive problem after all.


  1. That's what we have before mareng barb.. thats why we change our telephone provider. Comcast Digital Voice has a problem specially it's raining or snowing. I hate to say that we don't like their service. We are verizon now even our internet. We are not using cable anymore cause it cost more money. We use dsl, but still faster just like cable. We don't have problem with their phone service and internet.

  2. alam mo, bago din ang fon provider namin, mga 2 weeks lang.

    nasurprised ako, tawag ako ng tawag sa pinas hindi ako maka tawag, hindi daw pwede sa provider namin ang used kong numbers,
    kasi nag-used ako ng numbers na cheap...
    patay, ganito pala ito, mura nga pero hindi kami maka tawag using cheap number.......

    thanks for sharing....

    kaya hindi ako makatawag sa iyo, using cheap number, barb.

    gusto sana akong tatawag sa iyo.


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