My Civic Duty

After years of not having to show up for Jury Duty, I finally got nailed. Almost every year ever since I moved to this state, I always get that dreaded Jury Duty notice. I've been lucky that I'm always a 'Stand-by Juror' and I just need to call in the day before to find out if I need to go. When I called in today, I heard the recorded message that all jurors need to show up on Monday at the District Court. Oh well, I guess my luck just ran out. I just hope I get dismissed early. Maybe I should tell them that I always watch the 'People's Court'. ;)

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  1. ano ito, sinong magsabi sa inyo nito?
    meron sweldo or what din ito or voluntary lang ito.

    kasi nabasa ko sa isang blog, ganito daw siya......

    ano ito, curious lang ako ha?

    pero sa akin, maganda siguro ito ano? kahit boring naka upo at hearing lang diba?

    iyon ba ito nasa Jury or sa ano ba yan name na yan.....lol


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