A Fun-Filled Day

Last Friday, we went to New England Six Flags Amusement Park. The last time we were there was two years ago for Intel's Family Day. Dh's company have it every year but we didn't go last year because of a scheduling conflict. This year though, we went with my good friend Lanie and her family. It was a hot day, it felt like it was in the high 80's. Even so, the kids, most specifically, Tyler enjoyed it the most. I just noticed while looking at the photos that I didn't have any of Amber. It was all photos of Tyler this time unlike when we were in Europe were you'll see Amber in almost all of the photos.

There were a lot of rides for small children in the park. For kids smaller than 36 inches, an adult has to ride with them. For most of the rides that we went to, Tyler was tall enough to ride by himself since he's already 40 inches tall
What's Tyler's favorite ride? It was the kiddie rollercoaster. He rode with his dad and dh said that Tyler laughed the whole time. He definitely took after me since I love rollercoasters and have no qualms about riding even the tallest, fastest and scariest ones. Amber meanwhile is like her dad, not too crazy about it. Amber loves the water rides and enjoyed riding the Big Splash with dh. As with any water rides, they got very wet but it was refreshing for a hot day.

Mareng Lanie and I communicated via cellphone all day long. Her husband and son brought their swimsuits and enjoyed the waterpark instead. It's a good thing that they only had to pay one entrance fee for both parks so they had a good deal. We used a coupon from the Luncheables pack and received a $20 discount for the adults and free tickets for the kids. Good deal!


  1. mareng barb, it's good to see you and the whole family. tyler is getting big and very handsome. Sorry, we haven't be together at the park. Andrew is annoying us the whole time. We end up go to the water park which he enjoy the most. I hope Six flag has more ride for under 10 years old. It's not the same in canobie lake a lot more ride for under 10 years old. We better plan for our family fun in water wizz sometime August. Dropping from EC

  2. looks fun! nice pics. happy Monday Barb.


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