I Want a Hot Tub

After weeding the garden out front, every muscle in my body was aching. It felt like I just got run over by a bulldozer! It would be nice to have a hot tub sitting on my deck right now. Do you have a hot tub? My friend who lives close by has a hot tub, I wonder if I can go over and soak in it for half an hour. I'm sure all that warm and swirling water will feel good. My friend and her husband bought the hot tub last year. Her husband is a police officer and works long hours. He likes to use the hot tub after every shift. They have a big hot tub, it can accomodate about six adults. She also told me that they bought a lot of hot tub accessories. I like the hot tub cover that they have, it's not the regular ugly brown cover. It looks very sturdy and will last a long time. It is very affordable and for the price they paid, it looks very expensive. They've had it for quite a while and it didn't fade from the sun or the pool chemicals. She said that she and her husband installed it themselves and there's no need for special tools. They love their hot tub cover, it makes their deck look nice.