Interested In A Pedicure?

Would you pay to have a pedicure like this? If you are a ticklish person, then this is definitely not a good idea. I cannot imagine how this fish pedicure would feel. I remember when we were in Bohol Beach Club in Panglao island, there were a lot of small fish in the water. It's a little unnerving walking through the school of fishes, Amber though, thought it was cool.
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Back to this fish pedicure, these are a type of carp called garra rufa, or doctor fish. It is a species of freshwater fish which breeds in the river basins of the Northern and Central Middle Eastern countries, mainly in Turkey, Syria, Iraq, Iran & India. It is also called the Doctor Fish, because of the role it plays in healing people affected with skin problems like psoriasis. Garra Rufa also goes by the names of Nibble Fish, Kangal Fish, and Doctor Fish. In non-medical terms the fish is also called Reddish Log Sucker. Nibbles on dead skin by scrapping their mouths against your skin, similar to exfoliation, the natural way. Judging from these photos, it already is popular in some Asian countries. What do you think? Are you interested?


  1. i read this...to me no thank you. i like to eat fish and i don't want them to give me pedicure hehehe.

  2. LOL Carlotz, same here. I like it fried just like Bolinao. I remember noong vacation namin when I was young, tuwing umaga may kumakatok na nagtitinda ng Bolinao. Yun ang breakfast namin, fried with sinangag. Lami kaayo!

  3. dli na tungod sa pedicure mao gduol na sa isda iya tiil. Its because her feet dghan nag fungus mao na gi kitkit sa isda..lol

  4. A friend of mine and I were talking about this pedicure the other day. I can't imagine doing this.

  5. Yeah I saw this on Good Morning America, Diane even tried it live on TV. I was 'yay-ing' (my own vocabulary, lol) all the time, I feel sorry for the fish ;-). But Diane felt good afterwards, with feet free of dead skin and all, accdg. to her they were really smooth. But I'm not sure I want to try that, it'd feel yucky! I won't look at the fish the same way again, ha ha ha.

  6. I love these little fish, they remind me of my favorite spot in lake superior.



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