Our Summer Vacation B.C. (Before Children)

Dh and I like to travel. The last summer vacation we had before the children came was in Las Vegas. Don't get me wrong, we are not into gambling. Sure, we dabble a little in slots (for me) and Black Jack and Poker (for him) but we don't go overboard. We do it because that is one of the things to do in Las Vegas. Other things to do would be casino hopping since the new casinos in the strip is a site to behold, from the architectural detail of the buildings to the actual art itself inside the casino. The Treasure Island casino has an outdoor show that is free for all. We also went to Madame Tussauds where we saw famous and infamous celebrity waxworks. It's kind of eerie looking at these though.

While we were in Las Vegas, we rented a car and drove to Arizona to see one of the most beautiful natural wonder in the world (my opinion, of course), the Grand Canyon. It is truly a site to behold and dh and I found ourselves a quiet spot and just sat there and stared at the beautiful vista for hours. Now, back to Las Vegas. We also watched Siegfried and Roy's show at The Mirage, that obviously was before the awful incident involving one of the tigers. We stayed the the Luxor hotel, this was newly built back then. We wanted to experience riding the unusual elevator, so we booked a room in the pyramid part of the hotel. It was quite an experience since the elevator did not go up but went diagonally.

Las Vegas is definitely one of those cities that has something for everyone. It is now a place where you can bring the whole family since they made it a point to have attractions for all ages. You can get more information at Trusted Tours and Attractions where they have online travel guides. If you sign up for their newsletter, you will get a chance to win a $150 iTunes Gift Card.

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