My Brave Boy

My darling little boy had his 4th year medical check-up last Monday. For the first time, I wasn't there with him because I had a Jury Duty that day. Dh was with him along with my daughter. Dr. Bender said that he is growing well and is tall for his age. He is now at 40 inches at weighs 41 pounds. He received two shots and they pricked his finger too. For the first time, he didn't cry when he received all of these. Dh said that he just looked while they were doing it and did not even flinch. What a brave boy! I was so proud of him upon hearing this. For his reward, dh bought him some strawberry ice cream which is his favorite flavor.
Tyler in front of what used to be a part of the Berlin Wall. This was
taken near Checkpoint Charlie in Berlin, Germany.

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