Strange Photo @ Trevi

This was just one of the photos I took of the Trevi Fountain in Rome. I noticed that there were a couple of round objects on the photo. I checked the other photos I took before and after this one and found nothing on it. That means it is not some dirt on the camera lens. If you are familiar with the term 'ORBs', then that's what I think these are. I see a couple of orbs in this photo and I highlighted the two obvious ones. Kind of creepy...


  1. ano ito barb?

    kasi alam mo, kung punta kami ni bernie sa mga museum or any na prohibited ang foto making,

    i secretly makes foto, alam mo kung hindi clean, blurred-spelling....meron mga points or lines din...
    sabi ni bernie, kasi may security daw, kaya yon hindi talaga perfect ang foto na makuha ko....

    yon ba ito?

  2. Hi Vks, hindi ito yon. Yung pics before and after this photo is clean, walang lines or circles like this. May pics rin ako from the cathedral in Trier, mas madaming circles doon. Yung isang pic ko nga, may malaking circle sa may ulo ko. kakatakot. LOL

  3. Yeah from what I gathered it's spirits or energy source or something but not of the Holy Spirit too, my aunts were kinda fanatic I think.

    Ako di naman natakot when I saw this one mejo kinilabutan pero after nakalma ako kasi naisip ko may bantay sa house naman so cool narin.

    Thanks pala for visiting my blog.

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