22 Years of Friendship

We left the house on time, at exactly 11am since it takes an hour to get to the city. I had the GPS programmed with the Westin hotel address. What I didn't realize until later was that we changed the route preference when we were in Italy. Instead of the usual 'fastest route' it was on 'shortest route' which I chose when we were visiting Venice last June. No wonder it made us take the backroads when we reached the city. Anyway, we were 15 minutes late but my friend was aware of it since we kept in contact by phone. We saw her waiting outside the hotel and she didn't change a bit. Yes, we are older but other than that she still looks the same. It was great seeing her, it didn't seem like we haven't seen each other for ages. I'm sure you know that feeling. We were joking that even if we're old and gray, we will still be chatting like we were in the university. We talked about the good times we had in the Philippines and in California. It also reminded my husband and I on how much we miss the San Francisco Bay Area since we haven't been back since 2001. I hope to see her again next year when she comes back for their annual conference and hopefully next time, it'll be a longer visit.
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