A Day in the Streets of San Francisco

San Francisco, a city that has special memories for me. I remember visiting this city for the first time when I was 15 years old with my parents and siblings. I was awed by its beauty and vowed that I will come back. I did come back, 9 years later when I migrated here in the US. Since it is a tourist destination, we always have relatives and friends visiting from the Philippines and around the US. Naturally, my sister and I became the 'tour guides' during these visits. I've memorized the route from our house to the popular sights in the city so I didn't have to use a map. There was one time though wherein they closed one main road and I had to find a different way. Boy, was I in for a treat! I had to drive up a steep hill with a light on top and guess what? I was driving a car with manual transmission! I remember my sister and cousins laughing and teasing me when I was driving up the hill. I didn't think it was funny that time of course. If you haven't been to San Francisco, then I highly recommend visiting the city. There are different San Francisco tours available in the website Trustedtours.com.

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