Goodbye Comcast Cable Internet?

I've been satisfied with our Comcast internet service until these past few days. I'm a regular surfer although I rarely download music or videos. I use the internet for web surfing (mostly news bits) and blogging. Lately, I've noticed that our internet connection which used to be 'fast' has slowed down to a crawl. It takes a while for the page to load. I stare at a blank white screen for what seems like a minute before I get to see the page. For example, when I go to check my Yahoo mail. I see the Yahoo logo, then the borders then after a while I see the messages. Sometimes it takes a minute or so for the whole page to load. When I tried to view a photo a friend has sent me, it downloaded at a snail's paced. I read online that Comcast has been limiting the internet speed of some customers, those that they consider 'heavy users'. Am I a heavy user?
I'm seriously considering getting that FIOS thing from Verizon. I heard from my friend Lanie that they're satisfied with it. Does anyone else have any experience with FIOS?

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  1. Hi mareng barb, we are using DSL internet service fron verizon, but I don't have problem. We pay only $29.99. Monica recommend this to me cause they been using DSL Internet service for a long time. It's cheaper compared to comcast.


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