Floating Art Gallery

It was my first cruise ship experience and the most memorable. That was a week-long Mexican Riviera cruise with my husband (he was my boyfriend then) and my future in-laws. It was also the time that we got engaged. I remember the cruise ship was so huge that it took us a couple of days to see everything. There was also a lot of beautiful artwork displayed all over the ship and they were all auctioned off during the cruise. The ship art auction was conducted by Park West at Sea which is an affiliate of Park West Gallery. Park West Gallery is the home to the largest collection of fine art in the world. They have the exclusive artwork of the popular German artist Alfred Gockel and Park West Gallery also have other artworks by both modern and classical artists. No matter what your taste in art is, they have hundreds of inventory that you can choose from. I love the art of Marc Chagall and guess what, they have lithographs of his works in their Summer Sale!

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