New Blog in the Making

Thanks to the encouragement of my close friends Mira and Lanie, I am currently in the process of starting another blog. I bought a domain today. What's my new domain name? Secret...for now at least. My new blog is not ready yet. I need to choose a template and do all the fun stuff (not!) first. That's the part that takes a lot of work, don't you agree?

This new blog will be my third one and I'm a little bit nervous. I hope I'll be able to juggle all three blogs. My hats off to all you bloggers out there who have a lot of blogs, special mention to my friends: Carlota, Mira, Lanie and Joy (from Oz). I hope I can maintain my blogs as well as you all do.


  1. Whoa! You can do it BFF, ikaw pa? Kaya ng powers mo yan! ;-) Especially so that Tyler will be going to school soon, you've got all the time when he's out. Welcome to the club!
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  2. Thanks BFF! Now I really need to manage my time wisely. I also need to get those new reading glasses from Zenni optical. LOL

  3. Wow touch naman ako special mention ako dito grabeh..Salamat Beth..Pls edit my link Mam in your Joy6 into http://www.joycd80.com and pls add this http://www.nenen.bravejournal.com and pls also let me know kung dipa kita na add sa iba kung blogs huh? Mwah!


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