Gano Coffee, A Healthy Coffee

I did not start drinking coffee until about 3 years ago. Growing up, I drank milk and/or orange juice for my breakfast drink. Now, I am a regular coffee drinker. Just like everyone else, at least, I try to find ways to lead a healthy lifestyle starting with the foods and drinks that I consume. I found out about Gano coffee. This healthy coffee has about 150 antioxidants in every cup, now who wouldn't want that! We all know that anti-oxidants are good for the body so having all these in a cup of coffee is good. So what else makes Gano coffee different from the pack? It has the most Ganoerma also knows as Reishi which has 200 active nutrients, vitamins and minerals. I'm all psyched now that even my morning cup'o joe is packed with lots of good stuff!

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