Sounds Like Home Alone (Almost!)

Have you ever seen the Home Alone movie series? In one movie, Kevin, the part played by McCaulay Caulkin boarded the wrong plane. In this news story, a toddler was left at the airport in Israel while her family (parents + 4 siblings and 18 suitcases) were in a rush to board a plane for Paris. The toddler was found wandering in the airport by a policeman. The parents only found out their daughter was missing 40 minutes into the flight after being informed by the cabin crew.

A similar incident happened a couple of months ago, that time, it happened to a Filipino family migrating to Canada. That story can be found

I cannot imagine this ever happening to us. But of course, we only have two kids. When we were on vacation in Europe last month, we held the kids by their hand, have them walk in front of us and we always check if they're with us all the time.


  1. oh Iove that movie mareng barb even andrew and kenny watch is many time, but we still like it. I can't believe how that happened. Glad they found the daughter safe. When we went to Florida. Andrew always walk behind us, but I keep telling him he need to be infront of us. I'm annoying when it come to andrew specially when we're in the crowd and other places because I can't stand his behind us. I'm very careful of him. Sometimes he just take off and hubby and I watching him and pretend we don't know. Sometimes he just doesnt care that he might loss us insight. His not scared at all.

  2. Oh I've seen this too. Anyway, just done adding you sis :-)



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