Giving Back

My parents are now in their seventies. They live in Southern California just like my sister and is only a 10 minute drive to her house. I wish they live closer, we are on both ends of the continental US! I envy my sister and her family, they get to see my parents all the time. I am not an envious person but this is the only exception. I'm just thankful that she is close by and she can look after them. In my culture, there is an 'unwritten rule' that we take care of our parents in their old age. There are no questions about it, it's a given that it's our duty. They worked hard to give me and my siblings comfortable lives, it's now our turn to give back. My parents and I already talked about it, they don't want to live in senior homes. They prefer to live in their own home and I don't blame them. I know that there are businesses that provide homecare for seniors. One directory that I saw was Springfield homecare which has a list hundreds of certified homecare professionals. As of now, they're both strong and active. Too bad they don't want to live here, they said its gets too cold in the winter. That's where I lose my argument, I cannot do anything about that.


  1. I am so glad to hear that your sister is near your parents and that they are in good health. If their health declines please don't forget to help your sister out every now and then. Being a caregiver is difficult work!

  2. Hi Babette! I can relate to you so well, as I also wanted to have my mom ( I don't have a father anywmore ) live here with Dana and me. I would never allow her to live in an assisted living home...It is my happiness to care for my mother.

  3. Your right about giving back, My Husband and i have already have an agreement that my Mum will leave with us, i feel better if i myself will look after her when she's old. When we where young our parents took care of us and i will give my part, it's not that she asked for it but i want to do it not because of responsibility but my free well.


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