A Mountain of Laundry

With the amount of laundry that I do each week, you would think that I have a football team in my household. I have 6 piles sorted out if it's a regular week: denims, darks, reds/pink, brown/beige, whites and towels plus two loads for the bed sheets. Once in a while there'll be an extra load on top of that. The washing and drying part is not the hard part. The bulk of the work is in the folding part, takes a long time to do all of it. I try to fold the clothes as soon as it's finished in the dryer, or else it'll just pile up in the laundry basket. The kids meanwhile helps me in sorting and folding the socks and towels. I'm starting to have my daughter wash her own towels, bed sheets and pillowcases. I cannot wait for the two of them to do all the laundry in our household. That'll be the day!


  1. I can relate to that BFF and we're only 3 ;-)! I do laundry usually every Monday and it is stressful to wait till everything's done drying to fold them right away. I hate letting them crumpled in the dryer, because I hate ironing even more, LOL. It's good that the kids can help you out already, can't wait for mine.
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  2. I do laundry twice a week mareng barb cause If I don't I will have plenty of laundry to do just like you. We are only 3, but once the humper full. I don't like to see it full cause when I do laundry it will take forever for me to do and folding is the big issue cause I feel sleepy doing it. Today I was doing laundry while blogging and in between I had to stop blogging and fold the laundry right away from the dryer, but all the white clothes is the last one to watch means still in the washing machine because I soak it. I need to make sure I will wash the tomorrow before we leave for Maine and will be going to Nova Scotia as well and be back next wednesday.


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