Is That A New Wrinkle?

Next month, another year will be added to my age, exciting eh? Of course it is, are you kidding me? What's not to be excited about having a birthday? Unless of course you are like my friend in Texas. If she can avoid having birthdays all together then she would. She's in her forties like me but she tells everyone she's in her thirties. For some reason she is so hung up about numbers. She freaks out whenever she sees a new wrinkle on her face. She's even considering having cosmetic plastic surgery Houston which is just an hour from their home. I'm trying to talk her out of it, I don't know if it will work though. She seems so determined to go through with it and you know how hard it is to convince someone who already made up their mind. I wonder if I will do the same thing when I get to that stage. I cannot imagine going through that kind of surgery. I've seen it on Discovery Health and boy, it's not pretty and I heard it is very painful. I can understand why someone in the entertainment business will do it; though I admire those who haven't.

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