Pre-K Meet and Greet

Last night, we went to St. Mary's school to meet my son's pre-school teacher and classmates. Even though he's been to this school so many times (my daughter goes to this school), he got nervous when we were about to enter the gym. He asked his dad to carry him and wouldn't let go. He closed his eyes and buried his face onto his dad's shoulder. What happened to the little boy who was excited to go to school? He's been wanting to go to school for as long as I can remember.
When it was time for Monsignor Oliveiras to read a book to the kids, he loosened up a bit. He sat up front with the kids and listened. Being a typical mom, I was so proud of him of course. He didn't cry like some kids in the room. I can't believe that my baby is entering pre-school. I'll be all alone during the day since he will have the same schedule as his sister. There will be no one to ask me to help him or do things for him. It will feel lonely just as I felt when my daughter started pre-school many years ago. So I have more time on my hands now and you know what that means. I'll have more time to drop ECs! LOL
Graphic Credit: sweetasmel.blogspot.com


  1. he would surely be smart kids in the school like her mom:)

    have a great weekend!:)

  2. congrats to all.....
    lalo na ki tyler...........wow pre-school na siya.

    sandali lang talaga ang panahon, ano?

    so, you have more time na sa sarili mo....

    time para sa atin naman, pag wla ang mga bata, nandoon sa school.

    ewan ba barb, hindi ko makita ang site binigay mo, bakit?

    i ask bernie later on, bakit hindi ko makuha.

    copy n paste ko sa google, iba ang lalabas.........

    alam mo naman very expert ako....

    have a nice weekend sa inyo lahat...

  3. oh pre-school na ang inaanak ko kay bilis ng panahon. you will be miss him, but that's ok you have plenty of work blogging and dropping hehehe. see you in the blogging world and dropping world hahaha kiss mo ako sa inaanak ko.

  4. Thanks Glorie. :)

    Oo nga Vks, parang kailan lang na pinanganak ko sya, ngayon pre-school na.

    Lan, hopefully nga marami akong magawa now that they'll both be in school. Pamasahe para pag-uwi next year.


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