Fashionable and Cheap Teen Clothes for School

If you have teens in your household, then more power to you this coming school opening. I know how picky teens can be when it comes to clothes. I have a niece and a nephew and their dad is always complaining about how expensive clothes are. Kids nowadays also grow like weeds. The pair of pants you bought a couple of months ago may not even fit now. That's why parents like you and I are always looking for stores online with Cheap Junior Clothing. We like to get a good value for our dollar, what with the costs of all consumer goods going up, we want to save wherever we can.
That's where Heavenly Couture comes in. They have cheap clothing that are fashionable and just perfect to wear for school. Everything is less than $17.95, you cannot beat that price. They have many selections that will suit every teenagers' taste. Buying your teen's clothes now has become less $tressful.


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  2. Yeah, I just checked them out. They have my size, too . I actually found a jacket that I would really like to get. It would be perfect for Fall and Winter.

    Take care, Sis ! God bless !

  3. HI Loloy, I voted for you na. Balato ko ha! LOL

    Hi Jemi, ang mura nga nga mga clothes. I plan to get some for my nieces back in Manila.

  4. mareng barb gusto ko yong dress nila check nga ako.

  5. wow love those dresses..kasya sakin kasi teens sizes lols!

  6. Oh sexy! I love the first dress. :)

  7. Wow, a nice shop and they even ship to Finland! I will have to show this to my teenager!

  8. @Lanie,
    oo nga mareng Lan, magaganda ang mga damit at mura pa.
    pang teens nga yang size mo, super sexy. LOL
    I'm sure your daughter will like this online store. It's very cheap and clothes are fashionable too. yes, they ship internationally. :)

  9. Very informative site, and very interesting posts. I have bookmarked your site, and will be back, good work guys.. thanks


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