Be Safe, Don't Beat the Red Light

I just received an email from my dad in California. My sister and her four kids were in a car accident. She was turning left and was already in the middle of the intersection when another car hit them. She has a cut on her lower lip and left wrist bandaged. She complains also of slight headache, obviously because her head was violently jerked forward and then back as result of the collision which resulted in her airbag activating. My nephew Ian (8) has a slightly bruised right pelvis while Kyle (9), Samantha (3) and Collin (2) are all okay. Yes, they were wearing their seatbelts and on their car seats.
Why are people in such a hurry that they put everyone else's lives in danger? Countless lives are lost everyday because of reckless drivers. So next time you get in that car, please drive safely. Yellow means get ready to stop, it does not mean 'step on the gas and speed up.' BE SAFE!


  1. So sorry to hear that. I hope they feel better soon. In as much as we can not control other drivers' behavior behind the wheels, we just have to be alert all the time and be defensive drivers.
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  2. oh my god mareng barb, tumaas ang balahibo ko. What I could remember when I got a car accident with andrew I was terified looking andrew in the mirror and the same time looking straight to the lady that I 'm going to hate her car and her as well. I was like oh my god help me to control the car and bomb.. I'm sure ur sister in not in great shape and lot of pain. It took me almost a year before I recover, but every now and then I still feel the stiffneck and back ache in my back. I'm glad the kids are find.. it's scary God bless them.. dami pa naman mga bata. I hope they all feel better soon.

  3. I am glad that everyone is okay. The road is one of the most dangerous places to be, you may be a cautious driver but you always have to worry about the crazy people.

  4. Oh my gosh. I pray for her recovery and glad the kids are fine. Dami na talaga tarantado ngayon sa road.. tsk..tsk... Hope all is well.

    Take care you too sis :-)

  5. Thank God nobody is seriously injured. I had been in a car accident last year too because my car was hydroplaning.I cannot stop the car and I hit a big truck.I really thought I was going to die that time, but God gave me another chance to live. Just imagine yourself waiting for your car to hit a truck because you cannot control it anymore.

    I hope your sister and children can recover soon . God Bless !

  6. Hi Barb sorry to hear about your sister accident. Thank God they are ok.

  7. oh my nakakatakot naman,thanks God they are all safe.

  8. salamat sa pag-agi day. Kinsa ng imo agaw nga naminyo ug taga Mapang? Kaila gyod ko ana kay gamay ra ba ya ng baryoha. Kaila ka ni Ate Nita Hamak ug Nong Meloy Hamak? Close friend nako si Ate Nitz. Mga Sumalpong sa Dapitan?

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  10. Sorry to hear that. The problem with this is even though when we are careful, if the other driver is not, we can still end up as victims. So I guess it's very much up to fate.

    There's an accident in Malaysia recently whereby a lorry driver lost control of his lorry and crashed over the divider to the opposite oncoming traffic. Imagine if you are in a car on the opposite side and the lorry crashing towards you. How you avoid it? It's horrible!

  11. Hi everyone, thank you all for your kind thoughts and comments. It's very much appreciated. Even if we are careful, we cannot control the other people.


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