Men and Their Cars

What is this devotion by some men to their cars?  They even take care of the cars better than their girlfriends.  My cousin in California is one of those men.  He has a 1993 GT convertible Ford Mustang that he keeps in tip-top shape.  I always know that he arrived in our house because I can hear the loud sound of the Mustang exhaust coming from the garage.  I asked him about his love affair with the Mustang, why does he like it so much?  He said that it is a great car with a powerful V8 engine. It is considered a 'muscle car' which makes this car attractive to men.   He wouldn't trade it in for a newer model even though he can afford one.  There are many Ford Mustang enthusiasts like him, they own classic cars and are proud of it.  That's why there are still a lot of stores and businesses that cater to Mustang owners.  As for my cousin, he said that he'll keep his Mustang as long as he can.  

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