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Thanks to Liza for this tag. :)

The object is to complete each of the following snippets.

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I am: a wife and a mom
I think: I need to pause blogging and finish our Europe vacation slideshow
I know: that my husband loves me.
I have: a wonderful life.
I wish: my parents live closer.
I miss: my parents and sister
I fear: getting into an accident
I hear: the morning news
I smell: coffee brewing
I crave: lechon
I search: Google for everything
I wonder: if I'll win the lottery LOL
I regret: not buying a pair of earings that matches my ring in Florence
I love: my family unconditionally
I ache: for nothing
I am not: high-maintenance
I believe: in fairness and equality
I dance: when I hear a good beat
I sing: in the car (sometimes)
I cry: at the end of a good love story
I fight: for my rights
I win: at scrabble
I lose: at bingo
I never: smoked
I always: hug and kiss my family
I confuse: ugh, nothing?
I listen: to XM Fred
I can usually be found: online
I am scared: of snakes
I need: a maid ;)
I am happy about: my life
I imagine: being Michael Phelps LOL

Tagging Lanie, Jemi and Joy
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  1. ayayay tag na naman..hubog naku oy...segi if i got time huh Bet?

  2. oKS lang Joy, just do it pag wala ka nang maisip na i-post. LOL

  3. mareng barb kunin ko ito mamaya nalang ako magpost. send you message sa ym.

  4. Hi Babette!
    Tkx for stopping by at my blog! :)
    Thou I'm Portuguese I've never heard of this recipe...I have a very inquisitive mind so a I went Google search it.
    I've found this link.
    Hope it's handy! ;)

    Take care.
    PS--If I get to find any others recipes I'll leave you a note.

  5. Just found out Why I've never heard of it.
    This is a recipe from the Azores Islands.
    I was born in the main land.

  6. Thanks for this taggie, Bet! Will grab it now and save it for a while until I need an interim post ( without sweating it out ) :)

    Keep tagging me. I enjoy doing this tag thing :) .

    Take care !

  7. i will let you know once this is posted :)

  8. @Lanie
    Anong nabili mong camera? Nakakainis yung nangyari sa yo, walang-hiya yung pumulot at di man lang nagsenyas.
    Thanks so much for taking time to look for the recipe. There are a lot of Portugese here and I guess some of them are from the Azores. :)
    Sige sis, sa iyo ko parati ipapasa ang tag. LOL You're right, its good for an interim post specially during the time when our brains wouldn't work. :)

  9. Hello Beth..done with the tag in my bravejournal and I have another tag for you in my dream home Joy6 on your list.


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