Tax-Free Weekend, Shop Till You Drop?

Last weekend was a tax-free weekend here in my state. I'm sure a lot of people went out shopping to take advantage of the tax-free incentive.  I wasn't one of those people, we did not need anything so I prefer to stay home.  A friend meanwhile was out the whole day with her husband, I heard they hit all the stores in town. haha  They spent a lot of time in an electronics store since her husband was interested in a home theater in wall speakers subwooferHe just bought a plasma tv and he wanted the whole theater sound experience.  You would think that he'd be watching a lot of movies but no, he's getting ready for football season.  Yes, one more week and it is starting.  Can't you tell?  I could.  My husband is a huge and I mean HUGE football fan so I know when it is starting. Pre-season games and draft days, he doesn't miss it.  Back to tax-free shopping, clothing here is tax-free all year round so I can get in anytime.  I'm actually going out later today to get new pairs of shoes for the kids.  So what did I do last weekend? I made Blueberry Cobbler and it is good, definitely beats shopping anytime!

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