Meeting an Old Friend

I haven't seen her since we moved to the East coast 8 years ago. Jo is one of my closest friend, we became close during our 5th year in the university. She's one of the bridesmaids in my wedding and she is my daughter's Godmother too. She's in the city since Tuesday attending some sort of conference for ToysRUs store managers. They've been pretty busy, their schedule was packed from early morning till night which is a bummer since I want to see her and spend some time together. Today, I will finally get to see her. I will go to the city with my family and pick her up from her hotel. We have a couple of hours before her flight back to California. How I wish it could be longer. :(

How about you? Do you have a close friend who lives far away that you wish you can spend the day with?

To the EC droppers, thank you. I will return your drops tonight. :)

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  1. Sana ako din makatagpo ng friends dito. Hay buhay..Mula nang dumating ako ng Australia nawala na social life ko huhuhuh.


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