Getting a Domain for My Kitchen

I've been thinking of getting a domain for my cooking blog. I'm still deciding if I'll go with Blogger/Google or try Wordpress this time. I know that Blogger is easy but Wordpress has more options. I am worried though that Wordpress is too complicated and harder to figure out. I've seen a lot of wordpress blogs that have nice layouts and it seems they have more flexibility. Before I worry about that, I need to get a domain, but where? So right now, I'm looking for the best web hosting site that will fit my needs. I saw this website called WebHostingGrating.com where they rate all the web hosting providers. They also have helpful articles, I read the tips for choosing a domain name and learned that it's helpful to have some keyword in it. This website is the place to go if you're still undecided on which web hosting provider is the right fit for you.

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