NBC is Pathetic

Was I the only one who was waiting for the LIVE BROADCAST of the 2008 Summer Olympics this morning? I'm sure a lot of people were on the same boat as I was this morning, watching NBC in the hopes of seeing the Opening Ceremony LIVE. But, there was NOTHING, NADA, ZILCH, ZERO. What happened NBC? Americans were probably the only ones around the world who weren't able to see the ceremony as it happened. I'm sure even those who live in remote locations like Bhutan and Ghana were able to see it. So why not us?

NBC clearly values $$$ over anything else. The Today Show hosts did not even mention it in their broadcast. Were they pretending that it wasn't happening that time? NBC blacked out everything this morning, they wanted to show the opening ceremony during Prime Time. So pathetic.

Oh yeah, they also changed the meaning of NBC to "Not airing Before Cash."


  1. Oh really? And I thought in Malaysia here RTM, our official Olympics TV channel sucked big time when they showed the live telecast 30 minutes late and ended early.
    Sorry you didn't get to watch it live. I never thought such a thing could happen in USA - you guys always have live news and live telecast of anything around the world!
    Maybe you can watch it on YouTube as some bloggers had advised me to for those first 30 minutes that I missed!

  2. I thought something was a little off about the broadcast. I didn't know that it wasn't live but I still enjoyed the show. I guess that would explain why NBC spent nearly $900 million for the exclusive U.S. broadcasting rights.

  3. Hi Foongpc, you and I both, how can us in the greatest country in the world cannot see the opening ceremony LIVE? LOL A lot of advertisers paid big bucks and NBC wanted to recoup their investment. I should've thought of YouTube, I'll remember that for next time.

    Hi Imitationangel, you're right. NBC needed all those AD revenues to get back that $900M. I also enjoyed the opening ceremony, everything was beautiful.

  4. maybe they experience technical problems thats why they didnt go live... it always happen.

  5. Hi Roland, salamat sa bisita. It's not technical, it's a financial decision by the network. They even admitted it.


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