Strange Photo at the Trier Cathedral Courtyard

This are some of the photos I took at the courtyard of the Trier Cathedral in Germany. Photo#1 was the first photo and you can see that it is clear. The next photo I shot was of the hallway in front of my husband and daughter. You'll notice that there are some spots on the photo, just like photos 3 and 4. Photo#5 was taken by my husband and it was on the opposite side. You can see a big spot on top of my head. I know that these are not some kind of dirt or dust since the photos before, after and in-between these photos are all free of spots. I also have some photos I took at the Trevi Fountain and St. Peter's Basilica in Rome that has spots on it. I noticed these after I downloaded all the photos in my notebook. What do you think? Strange eh?


  1. Could be water have gotten into your camera lense creating spots. Or it could be ghosts? : )

  2. Hi Foongpc, it's not water since as you can see the first photo doesn't have any spots. The rest of the photos are all clear too. I'd like to think those are energy balls. LOL

  3. Maybe you should have it checked out at the camera/photo shop. If they can't provide the answer, then you should start to feel a little scary haha!


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