T-Mobile Promotional Code for a Sidekick LX


Have you seen the new Sidekick LX? It is available in different colors. I like the blue one. If you send a lot of text messages and your current phone has tiny keypads then you should check out this new phone. This new Sidekick phone is the perfect phone for text messaging and videos. It has a QWERTY keyboard plus a big screen that's perfect for videos and photos. Since it is new, naturally, it is very expensive. It costs $400 by itself, shipping not included. Luckily, there is a discount coupon online for that very same Sidekick model that I featured here. It's a T-Mobile promotional code . It offers the new Sidekick LX in Blue for just $299.99 after $100 instant online savings. They also give you a $50 mail in rebate and free shipping to boot! That's more than $150 dollars. That is a great deal. Using coupons when you purchase products online will give you a lot of savings over time. It is a good idea to always check for coupons online before you buy a product. One online coupon web site is http://www.savings.com/ where they have coupons for different products and online merchants. The coupons available in this web site range from free shipping to price discounts.

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