Back-to-School Chaos

Not! We are almost done with all the back to school shopping. We only need the baby wipes and new pair of shoes. Amber is all set with her school uniform while Tyler, being in Pre-school does not have a uniform yet. Is everything 'new' for Amber this year? No, she will still use her L.L.Bean rolling backpack and lunchbox. She wanted to get a new backpack but I put my foot down since the one she has is still good. She's getting new school supplies, though. We will give her old markers, colored pencil and crayons to her cousin. Tyler meanwhile is very excited to start school. Can you tell it's his first year? haha
Buying school supplies and clothes can be expensive if you're not careful. My kids go to a Catholic school with uniforms so there is no pressure to dress in brand name clothes. I can just imagine the huge peer pressure that kids feel nowadays. Teen clothes are also getting shorter and more suggestive. What's happening out there? Parents need to put their foot down and draw the line on the kind of clothes their daughters can wear. Don't let them wear 'hoochie' clothes please...

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