Vatican Museum Ceilings - Rome, Italy

Vatican_Museum8The Vatican Museum is definitely a 'must see' when you visit Rome. It is literally a treasure throve of riches. Artwork adorns every wall, ceiling and yes, even the floor. Every nook and cranny has an artwork on it. I took hundreds of photos while inside the museum and I wish I could've taken more. That's how beautiful it is. Picture taking is allowed in all rooms except one, the Sistine Chapel. Too bad, this is the most breathtaking of the entire museum. It is where you can see Michaelangelo's 'The Last Judgement'. The next time we visit Rome (yes, we plan to go back - it is THAT beautiful) we will definitely go to see the Vatican Museum again. I suggest that you plan your visit in the afternoon to avoid the lines that could sometimes stretch for miles in the morning.

I am featuring some of the photos I took of the Vatican museum ceilings. The photo above looks like it is 'bas relief' but is actually just a flat painted ceiling. Amazing, isn't it? There are a lot of paintings like these in the museum.


The Map Room Ceiling, my favorite. It is lighted up so beautifully. The walls in this room is full of huge map paintings, thus the name of the room.



  1. hi! pretty mom,ganda naman nito since bata pa ako ito dream ko makapunta d2 sana someday magkatotou hehehe ty din sa pics atleast nakita ko kahit d2 man lng.

  2. Beautiful photos. I cannot believe that first one is not a bas relief.

  3. Have never been to Rome. Will visit the museum if I go there one day. Reminds me of The Da Vinci Code.

  4. Wow! I have never been there but I can see it is breathtaking and an absolute must see. Thank you for sharing.

  5. Hello, This is a wonderful idea for a post to share with everyone.
    I, too, visited Italy. At that time, I was a senior in High School and the camera I had was basic design without a zoom and I could not these images. I'd like to travel to Italy again and for sure I would have 100 photos a day.


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