ABCs of internet Safety

My daughter is at the age where she can easily access any website. We are aware of what websites she visits because we make it our business to know. Even then, we are still concerned that she might come across some websites that are adult in nature. That's why it is very important to be aware as parents and know about internet safety. All parents need to know about Internet Safety ABCs. First, the internet is for Adults only. There are hundreds of adult websites that our children may accidentally find themselves in. Since there are no laws governing the internet, adult websites are not legally bound to keep kids off their sites. Second, we need to Be aware that there are electronic devices like handheld games that can connect to the internet through its' wireless technology. That means, any child can bypass strict parental controls on the computer to surf the internet using their DS or PSP. Third, you need to Check often. Always check your computer for any unwanted files like adult pictures. Using filters is only one part of internet safety, you also need to use a software that will scan your computer for pornographic content. www.surfrecon.com has the software that will do the job.

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    Don't wait until it's too late. Pornography detection tools are an important part of an Internet safety solution


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