Librarian, My New Job Title

I never thought I would be a librarian, not that there's anything wrong with being one. :) Starting tomorrow, I will be volunteering in my kids' school. Being a private school, they rely heavily on private funds and parent volunteers. The school does not have a full-time librarian. Since both kids are in school now, I can help out in their school. It worked out perfectly for me since my daughter and my son's class library schedule falls on the same day. I remember growing up that the school library is one of my favorite rooms in the school. I love the smell of books. Weird, I know. LOL I borrowed the first novel I read, 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, from the school library. I also liked leafing through the Card Catalog, you don't see this anymore. The kids nowadays don't even know what it looks like and what it is for since everything is computerized. I don't even think that they teach kids how to use the Dewey Decimal System. Do you still remember how to use it?


  1. I know you enjoy it because your kids are there...

    The more you enjoy it the time just pass by.

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  2. I used to be a librarian at school last time. Hope you'll like it there!

  3. Hello Bombchell, Sam and Foong, thanks for taking time to comment. :) I survived my first day. LOL I'll have to lay down some rules for next week.


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