Are Your Links Reciprocated?

Have you checked your bloglist lately? Do you know if your blog is still in their list of linked blogs? If you haven't then today is a good time to start checking. I visited a site in my bloglist this morning and saw that my blogs aren't listed in her bloglist. That's not fair. So what did I do? I took her off my list. I thought that she just made a mistake but both my blogs aren't listed. I didn't ask her why or how, why bother? If my links aren't reciprocated then hasta la vista baby!

Confidential to Ms. Goody-two-shoes from Caloocan, Philippines:
Don't judge me because of just one post. You do not know who I am. So you really think I deserve it? Ha! I am living comfortably without it. I do not need $ as bad as you do. So go ahead, keep on leaving nasty comments and pass judgement on people you barely know. You are a coward for hiding behind a made-up name. Obviously you do not have good breeding. I pity you.