Free Pinoy Channel TV

I saw a post in Jemi's blog about a website called Pinoy Channel TV. They have videos of different Filipino shows like Wowowee, The Buzz, TV Patrol, Maalaala mo Kaya, Philippine Survivor and many more. As far as I know it's free. There's a small AD at the bottom but I can live with that. There is an option to register but I was able to view the videos without signing up. If you want to watch a lot of videos then you have to sign up since I believe there are limits on what you can watch if are not logged in. This is a nice website for Filipinos living abroad. I know there are programs available when you subscribe through cable, satellite or ABS-CBN website but I'm a cheapskate when it comes to this so I'll be watching the shows on this free website. :) Go to www.PinoyChannelTV.com


  1. Wow as in thank you. Yan nga reason hubby ko ayaw ako pakabitan ng TFC kainis. I'll try this one yehey..bat diko alam to dati?


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