Collect Your Stem Cells, Help Cure a Disease

Have you heard about C'elle? It is a service by Cryo-Cell for women that provides discreet and easy collection and preservation of stem cells from the menstrual fluid each month. So why do you need to do this? Studies has shown that menstrual blood contains stem cells that can be used in treating life-threatening diseases like Leukemia, Osteoporosis, Heart Disease, Alzheimers and Parkinson's Disease. Not only you can benefit from this, even your parents, siblings and children will also benefit from this process. Your stem cells will be preserved for future use. You need not wait to do this because studies has shown that the healthier you are when your cells are collected and preserved, the more viable the cells may be for future use.
With C'elle, they make the whole process easy for you. The collection kit includes a detailed instruction for use and everything you need to collect your menstrual stem cells; it also includes a prepaid FedEx airbill for return shipment to Cryo-Cell.
Now for a limited time, they have a special promotion where you can save $200 off the regular price. You can check this out in their pricing page. So place your order now and protect the future health of you and your family.

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